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Bluegold Research is not a registered broker, broker dealer, analyst, investment adviser, investment marketer, investment banker or underwriter. Bluegold Research is not a regulated entity. Bluegold Research does not provide any investment advice



Natural gas is a unique commodity in many ways. It is very volatile and reactionary. We prefer to follow very strict capital management rules (trade small positions). Usually, we do not use stop-losses - especially, not during the injection season (April-October). Instead, we insure ourselves by maintaining a conservative level of exposure relative to total equity. In other words, strict capital management serves as a substitute for a stop-loss.

Special Note on ETNs

The ETNs (UGAZ and DGAZ) do not attempt to, and should not be expected to, provide returns which achieve their stated investment objectives for holding periods other than a single day. If you hold the ETNs for more than one day, it is possible that you will suffer significant losses in the ETNs even if the performance of the underlying index over the time you hold the ETNs is positive, in the case of the leveraged long ETNs, or negative, in the case of the leveraged inverse ETNs.

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